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Welcome to Boat Shelbyville!

Summer is just
            around the corner! 

                                     - Lake Shelbyville

Considered one of the number one boating locations in the Midwest, Lake Shelbyville boasts over 172 miles of shoreline and 11,00 acres of water.  The entire lake has a length of just over 17 miles from Shelbyville Dam to its end at Sullivan.

 Lake Shelbyville has become one of the top destinations for boaters from throughout the Midwest.  People travel from all over to have a relaxing vacation or to cut loose and party on the lake.  Lake Shelbyville was also selected as one of the best lakes in Illinois to fish for bass which brings fisherman from all over the state during one of the many fishing tournaments that take place here.

Lake Shelbyville features everything your could need in a lake from laid back coves for relaxing to full blown excitement in Party cove.  Camp grounds are located all around Lake Shelbyville for those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land.  The Lake Shelbyville area even has a few hotels and motels close by when even camping is out of the question.  Beaches to swim off of, trails to walk, and fish to catch, Shelbyville is definitely the place to be in central Illinois. was put together to help boaters on and coming to Lake Shelbyville see what is going on and keep in touch with friends, new and old, throughout the season.   If you have ideas, stories, pictures, or changes you would like to see done with the website please feel free to contact us and let us know.